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About Nxiba-Oku

It all started in Hong Kong...

I was living in Hong Kong when the pandemic hit. Like everyone else around the world  who was under lockdown, I suddenly found myself with a little more time. That 'free' time allowed me to start thinking about all the things I've  been wanting to do  with my life but never got the chance. The catalyst to the beginning or creating of Nxiba

This store was started and inspired by the social movement of BLM. It was a reckoning for me as a (South) African ,who was living in Hong Kong at that time, to start interrogating what my being black meant and how my blackness was represented in the world. Out of that self-reflection, Nxiba-Oku (Wear This) was born. Nxiba-Oku was created with an aim to share my black lived experiences through everyday clothing and accessories. 

About Us
About Us

Nxiba-Oku strives to express 'blackness' in a dope and creative way, while tying in my (South) African roots . I'm grateful that I not only get to share my merchwith you, but I get to drop a bit of knowledge on my culture (Zulu & Xhosa) as well. So thank you for popping in and supporting my small business.