How you can celebrate World Afro Day 2021!

It's the 5th anniversary of World Afro Day and we couldn't be more excited. World Afro Day is a global day of change that promotes education and celebration of Afro hair, culture and identity. According to the founders of this movement, World Afro Day has two key focuses, the first one involves bringing a spotlight on Afro excellence, raising awareness and creating normalisation and aspiration relating to Afro hair. Secondly, the educational programme for young people, teaches them about Afro hair and society. The idea is to benefit children of all backgrounds, through empathy, equality and empowerment. A message that Nxiba-Oku can vibe with because of how focused it is on teaching children at a young age to love who and what they are.


Ever since Nxiba-Oku found out about this movement, which is dedicated to creating a positive platform for natural afro hair, we have made it a point to create a space where we can also celebrate our love for natural hair in the form of an afro. Every Friday on our instagram page we feature someone who is making an impact within the black community and bringing positive vibes while rocking or wearing an Afro. My current favourite story positivity is of the model in the window that stops to greet the little girl who is staring at her in wonder. It's a story that just keeps on giving positive vibes. Video, pictures or posts like this are what we strive to show our followers every Friday with our Afro Friday Feature Post.

Our Afro Love, Love your hair t-shirts, and hoodies are a continued testament of how we encourage others to embrace and celebrate the very hair that grows out their scalp. It hasn't always been easy to do that but we are here creating the safe space for our followers and readers. And this is why we are so excited by the upcoming World Afro Day, which will be on September 15. While the organisers of World Afro day will host a big hair assembly, where they will be linking schools around the world in one giant livestream assembly, we at Nxiba-Oku want to host our own hair stream. That's right! Let that day be the one day in the year where you let your hair do what it does naturally, take pictures of it and tag or send them to use to be featured! 

We can't wait to share your beautiful pictures with everyone but most of all, we can't wait to celebrate how gorgeous our hair is. 

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