2022 Word of the Year

So it's that time of the year when everything is brand new. New Year. New month. New goals. New Vision. And a lot of us sit and think about how we can capitalise on this fresh start. I do that by coming up with a 'word of the year'. I spoke at length last year in one of my blog posts about why I do this. And it really has made a difference in how I approach the year ahead. There's a sense of intentionality and purpose because of it.

And today as I sit and reflect on the year that was 2021, I am taken aback by how much my 2021 phrase of the year "Take Up Space, and Own It!" has changed my life.  I remember thinking how bold of me to make such a statement when I know exactly how I behave when I walk into 'rooms' that I think are not for me. That's when I realised that I was shrinking and hiding myself in spaces I deserved to be in, and that the phrase was very fitting for it to be my word or phrase of the year.

I won't lie, trying to use this phrase with confidence got off to a rocky start. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, but as the year drew to a close, I could see the difference it was making in my life. The ultimate power move of this phrase was when I became the face of Icon South Africa. A brand that I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined being a part of! It was here that I was reminded of the power of words, and how setting intention behind them shapes and guides what comes in your life. 

And with that in mind, I should say that finding my 2022 word of the year was a little difficult but I thought of all the experiences (good and bad) I've had in 2021, and what I wanted for the upcoming year, and this word felt so right. So without further ado, I introduce you to my word of the year for 2022- A L I G N M E N T. Alysa, a wellness therapist, says that alignment is when we are living within our soul’s purpose. You're basically choosing to live your life the way it's meant to be, and when you do, you're usually filled with gratitude, love, peach and abundance. There's very little questioning or worry, and if you're like me, you say a little prayer and trust and hope that God has worked it out for you. This year I'm choosing to align myself with my true purpose.

I'm so excited to see where my word of the year is going to take me. Have you chose your word? And if so, comment and share below what it is. Let's do this together 'cause I could use a few countability partners to keep me in alignment. 

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