2021 Word of the Year

If you haven’t chosen a “Word of the Year” yet, then you need one ASAP!

I first came across this 'Word of the Year' concept in 2018 while researching black women in the field of healthcare and medicine. Dr. Ijeoma Kola seemed to have a better understanding of how one can achieve set goals for the year without making that very stressful and pressure filled "New Year, New Me" list. She shared how this was a really fun way to set your intentions and theme for the New Year, or any other life event for that matter.

The idea behind this was instead of a rigid New Year’s Resolution, a Word of the Year would be your constant—yet gentle—reminder to focus on creating positive change. You would use your Word of the Year to help guide your decisions and continue moving towards what you want.


So the word of the year for me, or in this case- phrase of the year, is "Take Up Space. Speak Up on It".

This phrase conjures a number of notions, but one that stands out is the idea that you can literally fill up space physically. And even more so emotionally by being fully aware and present enough to speak up for yourself on matters that affect you. Heres the thing, if anything, 2019 taught us that silence to any injustice is an act of complicity. Therefore 'speaking up on something' challenges you to be the agent of change for any form of prejudice.

I will be using this phrase to set the tone for my year ahead. I will use it to announce who I am and what I stand for. I will use it to accomplish my goals. I will use it to give voice to the voiceless. I will use it to remind myself, just as Zozibini Tunzi (Miss World 2019)  reminded the world, that I deserve every opportunity. And I know that it can only happen if I Take Up Space and speak up on it.

What will you word or phrase of the year be? What will you be using it for? I hope that this will help you get you thinking and ready for the year ahead! Happy New Year!!

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