Nwabela Usuku Lwakho Owaqala Ngalo! Happy 6 months to Nxiba-Oku!!

The eruption of consciousness concerning racism last year, that rapidly spread across the world, was the beginning of a global movement that would become somewhat of a phenomena. A phenomena that would amplify a multitude of voices that had been shouting for years that systematic racism is real.

This movement pushed many to question how they had contributed to an institution that had somehow managed to uplift a group of people while simultaneously subjugating another. It was in this space that my own identity and stance on these matters became a center of my focus. I wanted to know where I stood. What I wanted. How I could help further the cause. The only thing that seemed to speak and respond loudly in the cacophony of my questioning voices was my love for all things art. Could I possibly use my passion or hobby, no matter how small my contribution would be, to aid the movement?

For sometime now, I'd been wanting to start something that I could call my own. And this seemed like a perfect time for me to do it. The pandemic, the sudden realisation of true freedom of speech and the revelation of race reckoning was enough of a catalyst to spur me into creating Nxiba-Oku. The idea behind Nxiba-Oku was to create a platform where I could explore my creativity while adding my voice to the movement.

It's been an incredible 6 months of running this store. A rather interesting 6 months of lessons, successes, truth-telling and support. As I continue to do my part and learn, I can only hope that the year ahead will be filled with more moments of growth, success and an authenticity of a brand that is still becoming. And with that, I wish Nxiba-Oku Usuku Lokuzalwa Olumnandi!!

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