Reasons why Nxiba-Oku is feeling grateful

As we enter the last week of June, Nxiba-Oku is taking stock on how incredible this month has been to us. It has been a month that is full of change, remembrance and celebration. 

Remembrance of how far South Africa has come as a country since June 1976. Amandla! We should never forget to honour those who came before us, and lost their lives fighting for equality and freedom. 

In recognising our history and moving forward, we also celebrate the good things that come with that. Juneteenth has long been a month that was used to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the US. And it is a small justice to see it become a Federal holiday. So with that we celebrate the small victories, in hopes for more, while we as a store continue to show what 'black culture' is.

Nxiba- Oku is grateful for the growth that the shop has experienced. And it's all because of the community that continues to support us and believes in what we're doing. June has been a very special month, and we are excited to see what the next month will bring us.

So here's to more great opportunities and a big thank you to YOU ALL!

Nxiba- Oku Team

'Wear this'

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