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  • June is a Month of (black) Joy

    I was going to write a thought piece on what happend in South Africa 46 years ago. A post that would have shared how a brave group of black (mostly...
  • 2022 Word of the Year

    So it's that time of the year when everything is brand new. New Year. New month. New goals. New Vision. And a lot of us sit and think about how we...
  • How you can celebrate World Afro Day 2021!

    It's the 5th anniversary of World Afro Day and we couldn't be more excited. World Afro Day is a global day of change that promotes education and ce...
  • Celebrate Your Small Victories!

    When I first started Nxiba-Oku, I was excited and I had grand plans for my business. I set up a timeline of how and when it would grow . What I didn't know then was that I was setting myself up for failure. I had allowed no room for flexibility. Everything was linear and packaged within a time frame. I later learned that this mindset can set you back. When you are flexible and adaptable, you allow yourself to spot opportunities with ease, and grab them as they come.
  • Reasons why Nxiba-Oku is feeling grateful

    As we enter the last week of June, Nxiba-Oku is taking stock on how incredible this month has been to us. It has been a month that is full of chang...
  • A Luta Continua-The Struggle Continues

    Nxiba-Oku is a proud supporter of education in South Africa. The struggle for many South Africans to have access to quality education is still alive and well. We wish to honour those who came before us to fight for our rights in education equality and today we remember and celebrate them. Happy Youth Day.
  • Four Easy Ways to Celebrate Africa Day with Nxiba-Oku

    May 25 is Africa Day! A day where we annually celebrate or commemorate Africa’s independence, freedom and liberation from colonial ruling. The head...
  • Nwabela Usuku Lwakho Owaqala Ngalo! Happy 6 months to Nxiba-Oku!!

    The eruption of consciousness concerning racism last year, that rapidly spread across the world, was the beginning of a global movement that would...
  • 2021 Word of the Year

    If you haven’t chosen a “Word of the Year” yet, then you need one asap! My word or phrase of the year is 'Take Up Space. Speak Up on it'.
  • Nxiba-Oku's Gift Cards

    Gift cards now available for use in the store.
  • Celebrating Holidays with Nxiba-Oku

    Nxiba-Oku is grateful for the support it has received in the last few months, and the company wishes its customers a wonderful festive season filled with joy, laughter and rest. 

    Happy Holidays.